My paintings start with the reality of what I see. My point of view for capturing the scene is to transfer my emotions onto the surface with representational color but evoke my color equivalent palette to achieve the mood I feel at the time. Inspired by nature and being present in the moment, I am drawn to the unaltered, rugged terrain rather than the well-kept garden or park. Harmony exists in nature, and I love the feeling of being connected to the earth and noting my place in time.

My ongoing exploration allows me to share wondrous vistas with the viewer. I am alive when I use my imaginative dexterity for color, in a natural place that summons all five of my senses. Being outside gives me the illusion of being released of lifeís restriction imposed on all of us during our daily existence. I seek to share my interpretation of destinations void of manís invasion.

All is right in my world when I am involved in capturing an image on canvas.